Full Colour Graphic Display Control system operating in cabin
Control system operating in cabin Welcome to Cantech

We at Cantech are long-time specialists in the control of plant used to produce construction materials.

Our personnel have over twenty five years experience in the design, assembly, installation and servicing of sophisticated control systems for concrete batching, mortar batching and asphalt batching, including batch heater plants; and for continuous operations such as crushing/screening plants and the loading out of blended and single-size aggregates and powders into trucks, tankers and rail wagons, increasingly with the whole operation controlled from a remote office/cabin set back from the plant itself.

With our experience of some 300 installations throughout the UK and Ireland, both new and retrofit and covering most types and makes of plant - including plants built by continental manufacturers such as Simem, Cifa, Skako and Compactors as well as UK and Irish suppliers - and with our flexibility to tailor our established systems to suit your requirements, a Cantech system ensures your process is controlled to its optimum: and our policy of continuous development means it will be well ahead of the standard not only at the outset but on into the future.

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