Full Colour Graphic Display Control system operating in cabin
Control system operating in cabin

The QS-2000 Quarry Plant controller provides operation of common arrangements of quarry plant, often from a remote office such as a weighbridge or centralised control room.

This allows complicated sections of plant to function continuously and at their optimum without requiring continuous operator attention and adjustment but rather monitored by a single operator who may combine this with other tasks such as weighbridge operation.

The system is run from via a PC-based workstation and can be tailored to suit a wide variety of configurations of plant, providing easy means to start and stop items such as conveyors, feeders, screens, water pumps etc and to monitor the process via speed sensors, level indicators, beltweighers and similar devices.

This results in efficient operation, often allowing the plant to perform most of its time at or near its optimum throughput and with much lower risk of breakdowns or blockages etc through overloading, whilst achieving effective utilisation of staff in healthier, safer operating conditions.

Remote wireless graphics displays can also be provided in dumpers/loading shovels to keep drivers informed of bin levels etc, enabling them to carry out other tasks around the site between attending to the emptying/refilling of these bins.

Typical applications include:

Transfer of aggregates from main storage hoppers or rail unloading to a final processing plant eg for feed into an asphalt or concrete batching plant or for predrying on a coating plant.

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Crushing and Screening