Full Colour Graphic Display Control system operating in cabin
Control system operating in cabin

The AS-2000 system applies to all common forms of conventional asphalt batching and drum mix/continuous mix asphalt plants, and has been developed from knowledge and experience gained in controlling over 200 asphalt plants covering most of the common manufacturers.

Increasingly the system is used to provide comprehensive control of the entire process - motor start/stop, cold feed operation, burner control, weighing/mixing and hot storage loadout - in integrated fashion from a clean, remote control room or weighbridge office set back from the plant itself and where control of other aspects of the overall site can be centralised.

Facilities are also included for storage of technical support information such as batching records with details of achieved and target composition, temperatures etc with ability to store these in spreadsheet-compatible formats on central systems, allowing access to same via broadband or mobile links from group offices and by personnel on the move via laptops, tablets etc.

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Asphalt Batching and Drum Mix Control