Full Colour Graphic Display Control system operating in cabin
Control system operating in cabin

The BL-2000 system provides accurate weighed loadout of single-size and blended products into road trucks and/or rail wagons via any combination of variable speed belt feeders, vibratory feeders and variable-aperture (‘Checkmark’) gates.

In line with Cantech systems generally the system is typically located in a remote control room away from the plant itself, such as a weighbridge office or even in a central despatch office away from the site itself, with the loading of the trucks then initiated by operators at the plant itself over a wireless link, thereby avoiding the need for staff/drivers to leave their cabs.

As with all Cantech systems facilities are included for storage of production data such as the weights and blend composition of each truck/wagon load, if required collated into composite reports such as a TOPs report for train loading.

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Dry Stone Blending and Loadout